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This page describes the open source projects on
- <a href=>Matthew Rocklin's</a>
+ <a>Michael Bishop's</a>
github page
<li> Projects started by me:
- <a href=>Shallow Water</a>:
- A time dependent solver for the Shallow Water equations. This code
- uses numpy or Theano for low level computation. It was designed to
- demonstrate how mathematical solvers can be written clearly in a
- high-level language and use libraries for efficient low-level
- computation.
- <a href=>tompkins</a>:
- A scheduler for computations on heterogeneous architectures
- including dependencies between tasks (represented as a DAG),
- and communication times. It solves the problem using an integer
- linear programming method described in an article by Tompkins. This
- code attempts to translate his math into clear Python code.
- Section and equation numbers are included. Uses the pulp library to
- describe the ILP.
- <li>
- <a href=>mailFeed</a>:
- A simple Python library to automate the collection of e-mail from a
- remote server.
- <li>
- <a href=>alettertofaye</a>:
- A letter attempting to explain common sense internet security to a
- non computer-scientist.
+ <a href=</a>:
+ Provide the fastest best way to understand and begin analyzing the Add Health data
+ Original variables are recoded such that 1) most are given more meaningful variable names
+ 2) all missing codes become system missing 3) many vars are given labels
+ 4) most categorical variables are encoded as class "factor" with labelled responses
- <li> Projects to which I contribute
- <ul>
- <li> <a href=>SymPy</a>:
- A symbolic mathematics library within Python. Similar to
- Mathematica or Maple. I contribute to the statistics and linear
- algebra modules.
- <li> <a href=>Theano</a>:
- A library that bridges the symbolics-numerics gap. They self-style
- themselves as a "Math Compiler." My contributions to this project
- so far are trivial. I list it here because it is important in my
- current research.

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