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-<title>Matthew Rocklin</title>
+<title>Michael Bishop</title>
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<div class="centercolumn">
<!-- Column 2 start -->
<h3>Research Interests</h3>
-<p> I am broadly interested in scientific computing. I have a favorite problem which I use to generate thoughts on automation. I think about the domain problem of
- <li>Numerical methods for uncertainty propagation in dynamical systems
-and attempt to solve it in an automated and high level way. My goal is not to solve this single problem but rather to isolate and automate many of the expert decisions one makes in developing such a solution. Specifically I think about how to automatically
- <li>Simplify and compile linear algebraic expressions
- <li>Automatically schedule array expressions onto heterogeneous architectures
-<p>More broadly I am interested in non-linear dynamics, numerical linear algebra, automated high performance computation, and complex systems.
-<p>I also do work finding structure in large real-world complex networks. This is completely separate from my scientific computing work.
+My work consists of two streams. The first is the study of status, norms, and academic behavior. In this project I use social network data from the Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to understand the relationship between family background, behavior, and popularity with one's peers. My second, newer, stream of research is the study of human judgment and forecasting. How can we distill knowledge from diverse sources and quantify uncertainty? As an experimental subject in the <a href="">Good Judgment Project</a>, I outperformed everyone in a prediction market. There is a lot to learn from these large-scale experiments in competitive and cooperative forecasting, so I'm joining the research side.
-<p>My background is in physics and engineering. Historically I have been interested in <a href=>structured light scanning</a>, astronomy, and gravitation.
-<h3>Teaching Philosophy</h3>
-<p> There exists an imbalance between computer science and the physical, life, and social sciences. The maturity of solutions in computer science has outpaced the knowledge of computational methods in these domains. This is despite their relevance in today's dominant issues.
+<p> I recently assisted <a href="">Ross Stolzenberg</a> in teaching a course about the effects education has on individuals and society. I have also helped <a href="">Stephen Raudenbush</a> teach statistics.
-<p> Because of this imbalance I prefer to teach methods courses in technical fields outside of computer science. I traditionally serve as lab instructor for <a href=>CMSC-12100</a>. I also lecture a <a href=>similar course</a> during the Summer.
</p><h3>Personal Interests</h3>
-I'm fond of the outdoors. I enjoy cycling, hiking, and rock climbing. I also participate in a
-<a href=>weekly Ultimate Frisbee game here in Hyde Park</a>,
-all are welcome.
<!-- Column 2 end -->
<div class="leftcolumn">
<!-- Column 1 start -->
- <h2>Matthew Rocklin</h2>
+ <h2>Michael Bishop</h2>
<p>Ph.D Student <br />
- <a href="">University of Chicago<br>Computer Science Department</a><br />
-<img width=100% alt="Matthew Rocklin" border="1" src="trainselfphoto_small.jpg">
+ <a href="">University of Chicago<br>Department of Sociology</a><br />
+<img width=100% alt="Michael Bishop" border="1" src="blue_shirt.jpg">
- <p> E-mail: mrocklin cs uchicago edu<br>
- Office: Ryerson 177 </p>
+ <p> E-mail: [last name] at<br>
+ </p>
<!-- Column 1 end -->
<div class="rightcolumn">
<!-- Column 3 start -->
- <h3>Professional</h3>
- <p><a href=>Resume</a> <br>
- <a href="publications.html">Publications</a><br>
- <a href="">Publication profile on Mendeley</a> <br>
- </p>
- <h3>Personal</h3>
- <a href="">Google+ feed</a><br>
- <a href="!/mrocklin">Twitter feed</a><br>
- <a href=latitude.html>Current location</a> <br>
- <a href="">Personal blog</a><br>
+ <h3>More of Me</h3>
+<!-- <p><a href=http://>Resume</a> <br> -->
+ <br>
+ <a href="">Google+ feed</a><br>
+ <a href="" TITLE="Permutations: Official Blog of the Mathematical Sociology Section of the ASA:&#10;&#13;">Blog</A></a><br>
+ </p>
+ <a href="">
+<img src="" width="208" height="58" alt="profile for Michael Bishop at Cross Validated, Q&amp;A for statisticians, data analysts, data miners and data visualization experts" title="profile for Michael Bishop at Cross Validated, Q&amp;A for statisticians, data analysts, data miners and data visualization experts">
- <p><a href=>Public code on GitHub </a> <br>
- <p><a href=github.html>Brief Descriptions of those projects</a> <br>
- <a href=>Blog recording development of SymPy.stats</a><br>
+ <p><a href=>Public code on GitHub </a> <br>
<!-- Column 3 end -->
@@ -106,7 +90,7 @@ <h3>Code</h3>
<div id="footer">
<p>This page uses a <a href="">layout</a> by <a
- href="">Matthew James Taylor</a> which I found though the website of <a href=>Aron Ahmadia</a>.</p>
+ href="">Matthew James Taylor</a> which I found through <a href=>Matthew Rocklin</a>.</p>

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