A Korg Volca Bass inspired In-Browser synthesizer
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On screen keyboard works again.

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Syntho - An HTML5 Synthesizer

Written by Michael Marner michael@20papercups.net MIT License

Live Demo

Try Syntho now!



At the moment the on screen keyboard is yet to be implemented. Instead, use your actual keyboard. Syntho has 1 octave of keys, with C starting at the C key on a standard QWERTY keyboard.


We are using Grunt to build Syntho from CoffeeScript and Sass. You will need a build system...

Build System

  1. Install Node

  2. Install Grunt npm install -g grunt-cli

  3. Install Bower npm install -g bower

  4. Install CoffeeScript npm install -g coffee-script

  5. Install Sass sudo gem install sass


Now we can install the bower libraries and Grunt plugins Syntho uses...

  1. Install the Grunt plugins npm install

  2. Install the Bower libraries bower install

Actually Building

After all that, won't you give this thing a try:

grunt build

That will give you a build directory containing the generated files. This can be uploaded to the web server of your choice. Since it's all client side, nginx works fine, as does Apache, etc.

Test Server

If you want to test locally, you can do this:

grunt serve

This will create a local web server listening on port 4000. So you can navigate to http://localhost:4000 and get the sweet, sweet sounds.