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Markov Chain tweets derived from a corpus of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Speeches
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The Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Twitter Bot

This was just a little play to get back into the game... The Glorius bot

Markov Chains

All credit for the hard math and understanding of Markov Chains goes to JSVINE/markovify.

To run on Digital Ocean or similar

  1. Python 3+ (It works on my machine :) )
  2. requirements.txt
  3. Change the #!(hashbang) in to denote the env you plan to use
  4. Type this inside the directory where bernbot lives: chmod +x
  5. To run as background process with Ubuntu: nohup /path/to/ &
  6. To kill the process: pgrep make note of process ID kill <PID>
  7. You can cat nohup.out to see if you are generating a lot of errors
  8. Don't forget to put your Twitter creds into twitter1.ini



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