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Lighting Talk - October 24, 2019


  • SwiftWebSockets, A swiftUI chat client with a websocket networking layer
  • nodesocket, Node websocket server
  • websockets presentation slides
  • StarscreamComparison, A comparison project between native and starscream's api implementation
  • blog post related to the talk
import Foundation

let task = URLSession.shared.webSocketTask(with: URL(string: "wss://websocket.example")!)
// Connect, handles handshake

// Send "Hello!" to the server
let dataMessage = URLSessionWebSocketTask.Message.string("Hello!")
task.send(dataMessage) { error in /* Handle error */ }

// Listen for messages from the server
task.receive { result in /* Result type with data/string success responses */ }

task.sendPing { error in /* Handle error */ }

// Close the socket
task.cancel(with: .normalClosure, reason: nil)

import Network
// Client and Server support
// Make a secure websocket over TLS
let parameters = NWParameters.tls
let websocketOptions = NWProtocolWebSocket.Options()
parameters.defaultProtocolStack.applicationProtocols.insert(websocketOptions, at: 0)

// Create a connection with those params
let websocketConnection = NWConnection(to: endpoint, using: parameters)

// Create a listener with those parameters (server)
let websocketListener = try NWListener(using: parameters)
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