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A simple elisp journal

Based on original code found at EmacsWiki:Journal.

I used this just-about daily from about 2008-2013, switching to org-mode in May, 2013.

I always planned on releasing the code back into the wild while I was using it, and see no reason (beyond embarassment) to not do so now.

I still hope to enhance the code a bit -- fix some issues, rip out some broken pieces, and add prefix-spacing (based on the elisp coding conventions).


(this should be in a separate .el file eventually)

In the below example, dropbox-site-lisp is exactly what you might think it is. And it should be replaced with \path\to\your\journal.el

;; work with Personal Journal
(defun edit-journal ()
  "Load the journal.el file automatically."
  (find-file (concat dropbox-site-lisp "journal.el"))

(load "journal")
(setq journal-dir "~/Personal/Journal/")
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.jnl\\'" . journal-mode))