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PortableSDR - A Stand Alone HF Software Defined Transciever. Link

The PortableSDR is an all-in-one solution for ham operators, hikers, backpackers, and DIY enthusiasts who are looking for an open-source QRP (low-power) radio for communication. It is a fully stand-alone HF/Shortwave Software Defined Radio (SDR) Transceiver and includes a Vector Network Analyzer and Antenna Analyzer as well as GPS, perfect for portable operations in a variety of conditions. It is designed to be a flexible platform for development, a learning aid, and and a useful instrument for electronics enthusiasts.


  • Coverage from 0 to 35MHz
  • Waterfall display that lets you see radio signals
  • Receives AM, USB (Upper Side Band), LSB (Lower Side Band), and Morse code (CW)
  • Modulates USB and LSB signals
  • Variable bandpass filter


  • Powerful ARM processor
  • Color LCD display
  • Dual DDS frequency Synthesizers
  • Quadrature Sampling Detector & Exciter
  • Digitally controllable instrumentation amplifiers
  • Morse Code key (the "Giblet" on the bottom right corner of the enclosure)
  • Magnitude & Phase measurement chip (for VNA and antenna analysis functions) with Impedance Bridge
  • Dual SMA connectors, smartphone style earphone/microphone connector, and USB port
  • GPS
  • Built in Microphone and Speaker
  • Internal Lithium Polymer battery with charger and high efficiency switching regulator
  • MicroSD slot
  • Pads for grabbing raw I/Q signals, both in and out.

Why did I make it?

I'm an avid backpacker and radio enthusiast. To me there is something exciting about making contact with others from remote locations where cell phones and the internet can't reach. I wanted an advanced radio that was ideally suited to tough environments. That meant I it needed to be very compact, integrated, and durable. As an engineer, I wanted an open platform that really takes advantage of the hardware and has the potential to grow and be used for other applications.

There are numerous, excellent radios out there, but none offered the combination I wanted. The best radios are closed source, larger, and expensive, while most open designs are very basic and lacking in flexibility.



Please read our for ways to help keep this project going.


PortableSDR - A Stand Alone HF Software Defined Transciever.







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