Vim plugin to give you automatic angular dependency expression management
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Automatically update angular injection syntax with vim:

["out", "of", "date", "dependencies", function($brand, $new, dependencies, here) {

Simply put your cursor anywhere on the first line, and type


to have the line updated to

["$brand", "$new", "dependencies", "here", function($brand, $new, dependencies, here) {

Should preserve most if not all formatting in the line.

Other features:

<Leader>ado - order dependencies alphabetically
<Leader>ada - add a new dependency with a prompt for the name
<Leader>adr - choose to remove a dependency from a list
<Leader>adc - newly wrap a function with dependency declarations (put your cursor on the f in function)

distributed under the MIT license


If you have pathogen, simply git clone within ~/.vim/bundle. Otherwise copy javascript.vim into ~/.vim/ftplugin/javascript.vim.


Currently the only option is to change single quotes or double quotes by defining the following in your .vimrc

let g:angular_dep_quote = '"'