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A tiny angular dart app for a lightning talk on the Angular Analysis Plugin, to be presented at DartConf 18
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Setup for Development

Welcome to the example app used in the Setup for Development page of Dart for the web.

You can run a hosted copy of this sample. Or run your own copy:

  1. Create a local copy of this repo (use the "Clone or download" button above).
  2. Get the dependencies: pub get
  3. Launch a development server: pub serve
  4. In a browser, open http://localhost:8080

In Dartium, you'll see the app right away. In other modern browsers, you'll have to wait a bit while pub converts the app.

Note: The content of this repository is generated from the Angular docs repository by running the dart-doc-syncer tool. If you find a problem with this sample's code, please open an issue.

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