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Computer Forensics
Endpoint Security
Incident Response
Network Security
Threat Hunting
Vulnerability Research


Back in the days when the largest collection of knowledge in a given geographic area was found in a library, a pathfinder was a tool that pointed people who were trying to learn about a given subject to the sources on that subject in that library. While this may seem quaint in an age of 'search,' a thousand search results without a way to quickly assess accuracy, relevence, trustworthiness, depth, credibility, and so forth isn't terribly helpful.

This is particularly true when we're dealing with an issue as important as cybersecurity (COMPUSEC, INFOSEC, Cryptography, Information Assurance, CNO, Privacy, etc., etc.). The need to be able to provide both new aspirants to any given discipline, as well as seasoned practitioners who need to learn more about a different sub-discipline, is more important than ever. The problems we face are getting more severe because the technology is becoming more pervasive. The faster we can get people up to speed the better.

As a long-serving and fairly well-seasoned practitioner, it is both amusing and a challenge listening to the discussions of those new to the field (or who have been cloistered in a particular niche). When you're dealing with cybersecurity there really is nothing new under the sun, but how to demonstrate that without coming off as some kind of know-it-all geezer?

And so, with the help of some friends, the goal here is to capture just the sort of information one would need to gain familiarity with, and begin their own in-depth journey into a subject, should they so desire. Its GitHub, so anyone is welcome to join the effort, but understand that this is not a platform for any agenda. It is not an opportunity to pimp your company or product. We will obviously be mentioning companies and products, but its the context that counts. Actual human beings who are acknowledged experts in their fields will be helping maintain the master branch to support the credibility and integrity of the content.

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