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Declarative React hook for gathering and validating form data without unnecessary re-renders.

1. Example
2. NPM
3. GitHub
4. Medium


npm install use-reactive-form
yarn add use-reactive-form


The idea is that form state stored in useRef. When it changes, it does not re-render the component. Ways to re-render form:

  1. Call validate() function.
  2. Use validateOnChange: true which is basically the same as #1. If after validation message of the error has not changed, the component will not re-render.
  3. Call update() function.

Step 1: Describe initial values and interface.

interface IFormData = {
    user: string;
    books: {
        title: string;
        author: string;

const initial: IFormData = {
    user: '',
    books: [
        title: '',
        author: '',  

Step 2: [Optional] Describe validation schema in Yup syntax.

import { array, object, string } from 'yup';

// ...

const validation = object().shape({
    user: string().required('This field is required')
                  .max(20, 'Character limit exceeded'),
    books: array().of(object().shape({
      title: string().required('This field is required'),
      author: string().required('This field is required'),

Step 3: Create config.

import { IUseReactiveForm } from 'use-reactive-form';

// ...

const config: IUseReactiveForm<IFormData> = {
    fields: initial,
    schema: validation,
    validateOnChange: true
Config keys:
fields: T - Form fields / structure  
deps?: any[] - Array of dependencies that trigger re-render 
schema?: any - Validation schema  
separator?: string - Separator for name property of inputs. _ is set by default  
validateOnChange?: boolean - Validate on input change
actionOnChange?: (values: T) => void - Fire function on input change
updateTriggers? string[] - array of name attributes whose change triggers re-render

Step 4: Use Hook

const { values, ref, update, validate, clear } = useReactiveForm<IFormData>(config);

values - get current form state
ref - reference to <form> tag
validate() - function which validates the form
errors - gets errors after validation 
clear() - function which form values form and errors
update() - function which re-renders form. It is needed in case when you dynamically add fields.

Step 5: Connect hook to the form.

const onSubmit = (e: React.FormEvent) => {
    if (validate()) {
    } else {

return (
  <form ref={ref} onSubmit={onSubmit}>
      <input type='text' name={'user'} defaultValue={}/>
      { errors.user.error && <p> {errors.user.error} </p> }
    {, i: number) => (
        <div key={`book${i}`}>
            <input type='text' name={`books_${i}_title`}/>
            <input type='text' name={`books_${i}_author`}/>    
    <button type='submit' onClick={onSubmit}> Submit </button>

Notice, that you have to describe name attribute as a path to the key in your form object. Instead of common separators (., []) use _ or your separator described in config.

To get error message use errors. It is an object with the same structure as your form object, but instead of just values, it contains object { value: string, error: string }. Therefore, error message for user field located in errors.user.error.

Any action triggered on the <input/> will provide it with one of the following classes: touched, dirty or invalid.

Dynamic fields.

If you want to add some fields dynamically, you need to use update() function. Let's say you want to add a new book. You will need to copy values and push a new book object to the values.books array.

const addBook = () => {
      books: [...values.books, {
        title: '',
        author: ''
<button type='button' onClick={addBook}> Add book </button>

Action on input change.

actionOnChange is a parameter, which you may want to set to true when you have to fire a function when any of the inputs value changes. It may be desirable when you submit form dynamically.


React hook for gathering and validating form data without unnecessary re-renders.




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