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@MichalLytek MichalLytek released this
· 114 commits to master since this release


  • Breaking Change: emit in schema only types actually used by provided resolvers classes (#415)
  • Breaking Change: update graphql-js peer dependency to ^15.3.0
  • Breaking Change: update graphql-query-complexity dependency to ^0.7.0 and drop support for fieldConfigEstimator (use fieldExtensionsEstimator instead)
  • Breaking Change: introduce sortedSchema option in PrintSchemaOptions and emit sorted schema file by default
  • Breaking Change: make class-validator a peer dependency of version >=0.12.0 that needs to be installed manually (#366)
  • Breaking Change: remove CannotDetermineTypeError and make other error messages more detailed and specific
  • Breaking Change: remove legacy array inference - now explicit array syntax ([Item]) is required
  • update TypeResolver interface to match with GraphQLTypeResolver from graphql-js
  • add basic support for directives with @Directive() decorator (#369)
  • add possibility to tune up the performance and disable auth & middlewares stack for simple field resolvers (#479)
  • optimize resolvers execution paths to speed up a lot basic scenarios (#488)
  • add @Extensions decorator for putting metadata into GraphQL types config (#521)
  • add support for defining arguments and implementing resolvers for interface types fields (#579)
  • add { autoRegisterImplementations: false } option to prevent automatic emitting in schema all the object types that implements used interface type (#595)
  • allow interfaces to implement other interfaces (#602)
  • expose createResolversMap utility that generates apollo-like resolvers object
  • support IoC containers which .get() method returns a Promise of resolver instance
  • update deps to newest major versions (tslib, graphql-query-complexity)


  • Breaking Change: stop returning null for GraphQLTimestamp and GraphQLISODateTime scalars when returned value is not a Date instance - now it throws explicit error instead
  • Breaking Change: fix transforming and validating nested inputs and arrays (#462)
  • refactor union types function syntax handling to prevent possible errors with circular refs
  • remove duplicated entries for resolver classes that use inheritance (#499)
  • fix using name option on interface fields (#567)
  • fix not calling authChecker during subscribe phase for subscriptions (#578)
  • fix using shared union type in multiple schemas
  • fix using shared interface type in multiple schemas
  • fix calling field resolver without providing resolver class to buildSchema
  • fix generated TS union type for union type of object type classes extending themselves (#587)
  • fix using shared union and interface types in multiple schemas when resolveType is used
  • properly inherit directives while extending @InputType or @ObjectType classes (#626)
  • skip transforming empty array items into input classes


  • Breaking Change: change build config to ES2018 - drop support for Node.js < 10.3
  • Breaking Change: remove deprecated DepreciationOptions interface
  • Breaking Change: remove deprecated direct array syntax for declaring union types