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The fast, lightweight JavaScript clock plugin
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The fast, lightweight, easy-to-use JavaScript clock plugin

How to use

To use this plugin, simply add the following code to your page:

<canvas id="my-canvas"></canvas>
<script src=""></script>
	var myClock = new clock("my-canvas");

The clock can be customised with any or all of the following options, which can be values or functions:

var options = {
	//The radius of the clock
	radius: function(){ return Math.min(self.canvas.height, self.canvas.width) / 2 },
	//The width of the frame/rim
	rim: function(){ return getValue("radius") * 0.2; },
	//The colour of the frame/rim
	rimColour: "rgba(0,0,0,0.1)",
	//x position of centre of clock
	x: function(){ return self.canvas.width / 2 },
	//y position of centre of clock
	y: function(){ return self.canvas.height / 2 },
	//default colour of the clock
	//the colour of the lines on the clock
	lineColour: function(){ return self.options.colour; },
	//the fill colour on the hands
	fillColour: function(){  return self.options.colour; },
	//default line width
	lineWidth: 1,
	//set to true to display the centre circle
	centreCircle: true,
	// radius of centre circle
	centreCircleRadius: function(){ return getValue("radius") * 0.03; },
	//colour of centre circle
	centreCircleColour: function(){return getValue("colour");},
	//radius of centre circle cutout
	centreCircleCutout: function(){ return getValue("radius") * 0.01; },
	//amount of hours to add to current time
	addHours: 0,
	//amount of minutes to add to current time
	addMinutes: 0,
	//amount of seconds to add to current time
	addSeconds: 0,
	//set to -1 to make the clock go anti-clockwise
	directionCoefficient: 1
	//set type of marker for the hour points.
	//"none" displays none
	//"dot" displays dots
	//"number" displays standard numbers
	//"numeral" displays roman numerals
	markerType: "none",
	// set colour of hour point markers
	markerColour: function(){ return self.options.colour; },
	// set size of hour point markers
	markerSize: function(){ return getValue("radius") * 0.02; },
	// set distance from centre of clock to markers
	markerDistance: function(){ return getValue("radius") * 0.9; },
	//set to false to stop displaying markers.
	markerDisplay: true,
var myClock = new clock("my-canvas", options);

By default the clock will fit to the parent container, so to set the size, just set the size of the element that contains the canvas.

Edit hands

The hands of the clock can be edited by accessing them through clock.hands after creating the clock

myClock.hands.secondHand.length = 0.7

Handle multiple clocks

For creating multiple clocks, clock.js has a clockMaker object, which can be used to handle multiple clocks. It can be used like this:

var myClockMaker = new clockMaker();



Clocks can also be added to a clockmaker from their ID.

<canvas id="the-best-clock-in-the-world"></canvas>

Single clocks can be started or stopped by changing their started value inside the clockMaker, like this:

myClockMaker.clocks[1].started = false;
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