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printf "\ncreate release folder ..."
mkdir arco1500-release
printf "\ncopying arduino ide ..."
cp -R arduino arco1500-release/arduino
rm -Rf arco1500-release/arduino/portable/staging
rm -Rf arco1500-release/arduino/portable/*json*
rm -Rf arco1500-release/arduino/portable/preferences.txt
printf "\ncopying game uploader exe ..."
cp game_uploader/bin/Release/ARCO1500_Uploader.exe arco1500-release/ARCO1500_Uploader.exe
printf "\ncopying not_emulator ..."
cp -R not_emulator arco1500-release/not_emulator
printf "\ncopying games ..."
cp -R games arco1500-release/games
printf "\nzipping ..."
7z a -tzip arco1500-release > 7zlog
rm -Rf arco1500-release
rm 7zlog
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