Multiplayer turn-based roguelike game for browsers. Levels are randomly generated. Both server and client are developed in Typescript, using sockets to communicate.
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Multirogue Project

Multirogue is a multiplayer roguelike game developed uniquely for browsers. The gaming environment is always organic, randomely generated, making the gameplay emergent and spontaneous. It has a focus on cooperation and competition. Being turn-based, strategy and careful planning is king.


The game is currently in its very early stages. If you want to follow it, you can keep an eye out on the development log at

If you want to join its development, you can send me (MichelCarroll) a private message on Github to see how best to get involved.

Build Instructions

After having built using Grunt, to run the server, run node dist/server/main.js, and open dist/client/index.html in a modern browser.

You might want to open multiple instances of the client in different tabs, and explore having multiple player in the game at the same time.

Controls: Arrows = Move, K = Pick up Object, Click Object in UI = Drop Object

Everything takes an action, including moving, picking stuff up, dropping things, and chatting.