Machine-readable algorithms and implementations of STOPP/START criteria version 2
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STOPP-/START Criteria v2 Implementations

Huibers et al. (2018, is the first study providing implementable algorithms for software applications based on STOPP/START version 2, validated in a computer decision support system. These algorithms can serve as a template for applying STOPP/START criteria version 2 to any software application, allowing for adaptations of the included ICD, ICPC and ATC codes and changing the cut-off levels for laboratory measurements to match local guidelines or clinical expertise.

This repository makes available the original algorithms in machine-readable formats, and strives to maintain a list of open source implementations of them.

Currently, this repository contains the following data:

  1. Algorithms in XML: these data files serve as the main resource for the STOPP/START v2 algorithms created with Huibers et al. (2018).