A simple project using an ESP32 and LoRa module. Send an SMS over 20kms without a mobile network.
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The LoRaSMS Device 2 Device code.

Source code for my LoRaSMS project. Current features.

  • Single to many messages.
  • Simple web interface, (no need for an app).

Features I'll be adding:

  • Better security, (currently it's open).
  • Addressing.
  • Low Power modes.
  • SPI flash for storing messages.
  • Better web interface.
  • Maybe even an app!

Check out my tutorial video on how I made it. Also check out my website for further details.

Support 👍

If you want to support me, then head on over to my Patreon page.


This source code is covered under the GPL! Use it, destroy it, make it better.