Versioned DNS records manager, using Gandi's LiveDNS API
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Gandi LiveDNS zone manager

The goal of this tool is to display and version the Gandi DNS records of a zone, through the LiveDNS API.

You will need your API key from the Security page in your Gandi account. Store it in a api_key.txt file, or in an environment variable, like in the following example:

$ export GANDI_API_KEY=your_api_key
$ python3 view
== Zone test-zone [587549ec-c25f-11e7-9d8f-00163e6dc886] ==
        No domain associated with this zone.
        1 records in this zone:

        CNAME   10800   example      


# View all records for all zones
python3 view
# Pull the records and store them in the /zones folder
python3 pull
ls -l zones
# Create a new zone
python3 new test-zone
# Push (upload) the local records stored in /zones to the API
python3 push


Python 3 with the requests module installed.