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Discord Bot informing you of how many players are left in the current game
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Node JS - Live Fortnite Discord Bot

This script will play tones over the bot accordingly during your game;

  • Every 10 players that die <= 50 Alive
  • When you win (Still in the works, but should work.)
  • When your team loses (Its currently commented out, but just remove the // on line 280)


  • Download files
  • Use "npm install"
  • do "node index"
  • Run the game

Things to try if things go wrong

  • Dependency Errors: If its an issue with dependencies, I most likely cannot help you as I did not code them. But, if its because its not installed, try `npm install the_missing_dep.

Known Issues

  • When you win is currently set to currentlyalive <= your team players not accounting for your team actually alive
  • The code is a total mess.. i know
  • Most of this code makes no sense..
    • e.g. message.content.includes('man ben') & message.content.includes('lee')
      • This bot was originally made for one of my discords.. so some of the code is an inside joke/meme.
  • There is a delay between my game and the bot.
    • There is nothing I can do about this, Fortnite has a delay on the file the bot reads it from.
  • Unhandled errors when not in game. These will most likely be fixed in a later build.

Need any help?

Join my empty Discord ;)

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