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Tested on Ubuntu 16.04

sudo apt-get install -y \
build-essential libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libjansson-dev libgmp-dev automake zlib1g-dev && \
git clone cpuminer-opt-power2b && \
cd cpuminer-opt-power2b && \
./ && \
./cpuminer --cputest


All address format (legacy, p2sh-segwit and bech32) supported.

  • Mining Pool - -t1 using 1 thread.
./cpuminer -a power2b -o stratum+tcp:// -u Was4hoWHCuxEUiE5gz8kdwj6T8DCFXdqJT -t1
  • Solo - 1650 is testnet. -u and -p is on the microd. --no-longpoll required to display netdiff correctly.
./cpuminer -a power2b -o http://localhost:16501 --no-longpoll -u rpcuser -p 111111 --coinbase-addr=Was4hoWHCuxEUiE5gz8kdwj6T8DCFXdqJT -t1
  • Screenshot



This miner with power2b support is based on cpuminer-opt-sugarchain by cryptozeny.

cpuminer-opt is a fork of cpuminer-multi by TPruvot with optimizations imported from other miners developped by lucas Jones, djm34, Wolf0, pooler, Jeff garzik, ig0tik3d, elmad, palmd, and Optiminer, with additional optimizations by Jay D Dee.

All of the code is believed to be open and free. If anyone has a claim to any of it post your case in the cpuminer-opt Bitcoin Talk forum or by email.

Miner programs are often flagged as malware by antivirus programs. This is a false positive, they are flagged simply because they are cryptocurrency miners. The source code is open for anyone to inspect. If you don't trust the software, don't use it.


  1. A x86_64 architecture CPU with a minimum of SSE2 support. This includes Intel Core2 and newer and AMD equivalents. In order to take advantage of AES_NI optimizations a CPU with AES_NI is required. This includes Intel Westbridge and newer and AMD equivalents. Further optimizations are available on some algoritms for CPUs with AVX and AVX2, Sandybridge and Haswell respectively.

Older CPUs are supported by cpuminer-multi by TPruvot but at reduced performance.

ARM CPUs are not supported.

  1. 64 bit Linux OS. Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions, including Mint and Centos, are known to work and have all dependencies in their repositories. Others may work but may require more effort. Older versions such as Centos 6 don't work due to missing features. 64 bit Windows OS is supported with mingw_w64 and msys or pre-built binaries.

MacOS, OSx and Android are not supported.

  1. Stratum pool. Some algos may work wallet mining using getwork or GBT. YMMV.


cpuminer-opt-power2b has no fees of any kind but donations are accepted.

ETH: 0x4c496e75bba93e084f54c56fd628539a8de7eba8

Happy mining!