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What is TWXProxy?

TWXProxy is a TradeWars 2002 (TW2002) helper written in Borland Turbo Pascal.

Originally written by Remco Mulder, TWXProxy has been passed on to various developers over the years. Because it is written in an obsolete version of Pascal, it can only be compiled using Turbo Delphi 2006 Explorer which is no longer available.

Special thanks to Steven Ruzicka (aka Mind Dagger) for helping me get setup, I am now able to compile TWX Proxy

Mega Installer

Installing TWX Proxy has never been easier, thanks to the TWX Proxy MEGA INSTALLER!!!

  • TWX Proxy 2.06.04d - With new Quick Script Loader!
  • Over 350+ public scripts just to get you started.
  • Mombot 3.58p - An ALL new public mombot!
  • Mombot 3.1045 - For those that don't like change!
  • Zedbot 2.19+ Unleashed - With previously unreleased scripts.

Active Projects

  • TWXProxy 2.06 is an updated version of TWXProxy released by MicroBlaster.

** TWX Proxy 3 Coming Soon ***

Be sure to check out the wiki for further information.

Other Versions:

Active Contributers:

  • David McCartney (aka MicroBlaster)
  • Steven Ruzicka (aka Mind Dagger)
  • Shawn Redman (aka LoneStar)

If you would like to contribute to this project, please email DMC@IT1.BIZ for further information.


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