Drawing shapes are very easy, like <circle></circle> <square></square>
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Supporting Shapecss Awesome

ShapeCss is an MIT-licensed open source project. Its ongoing development is made possible thanks to the support by these awesome backer. If you'd like to join them, check out shapecss.com' developers campaign.


We found making geometrical shape is not easy but its cumbersome, and need to write many lines of css and javascripts. So we wanted to make it flexable like tag, like h1, h2 or p or body. So you can use this tags, circle, triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram.

Please download this two files from here


<link href="https://www.shapecss.com/public/shape.css" rel="stylesheet">
<!--IMPORTANT: script must be add in the bottom of the body tag-->
<script src="https://www.shapecss.com/public/shape.js"></script>


<!--basic circle, easy-->

<!--circle with radius 400px and background blue-->
<circle shape-background="blue" shape-radius="400px"><circle> 


check shapecss website and find easy and clean documentation.


If you find any bug or want to contribute, you are always welcome by submitting a pull request

Stay in touch

For latest releases, announcements and fun, follow on Twitter: @microdreamit