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Identity Governance Overview

This project shows how to use the CX infrastructure to connect to Identity Governance and use OSP for single sign-on authentication with other IAS products.

Identity Governance Overview

Running the Application

The easiest way to run this application is with the Docker container. Change to the docker folder and run the following command:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-igoverview.yml up --force-recreate --build

Once the Docker container starts the application will be running at http://localhost, but you must access it via the URL configured during OSP SSO client configuration.

Building the Client Side Separately

You can build the client-side of this application separately. You don't have to, but it can sometimes be useful to see better build errors.

Node Package Manager

This sample requires the Node Package Manager. The best way to get the Node Package Manager is to install Node.js.

After you have installed the Node Package Manager you can install the project dependencies with this command:

npm install


This application builds with Gulp. Use the following commands to install Gulp:

npm install gulp-cli -g
npm install gulp -D


These are the commands to build the project:

  • gulp - Starts development environment (development build, file watchers, and server). The server will be running at http://localhost:8081.
  • gulp build:development - Development build. This build is optimized for speed. Writes files to dist/ by default
  • gulp build:production - Production build. This build is optimized for size and quality of output. Writes files to dist/ by default
  • gulp clean - Cleans all built assets by removing dist/

Project Structure

The application directory structure is layout out as follows. This structure is configurable.

  • images/ Place images here. Remove .gitkeep when this folder contains any images
  • src/
    • components/ Create components here. The structure does not matter. However, it can be beneficial to keep all source code, stylesheets, and tests grouped together by naming the files similarly. Remember to add the stylesheets to src/main.scss to include them in the build output.
    • config/
      • routes.ts Register application routes here. Angular UI Router is used to add routes in this template.
    • styles/ Site-wide styles go here.
    • index.html See ng-gulp options for creating separate index.html files for development and production.
    • main.ts Created and bootstrap the angular application module here. See ng-gulp options for creating separate main.ts files for development and production.
    • main.scss Manifest for all Sass stylesheets in the project. Only use @imports in this file.
  • vendor/ Third party vendor assets (fonts, JS, CSS) that are not delivered via a package manager
  • gulpfile.js Invoke ngGulp here. Register any custom gulp tasks here.
  • tsconfig.json This configured the TypeScript compiler.
  • tslint.json This is the configuration file for TSLint which checks TypeScript code.
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