Fast Physical Simulator for Computations on CPU and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
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Fast Physical Simulator for Computations on CPUs and Graphics Processing Units (GPU)

MicroMagNum project homepage:

MicroMagnum is a fast easy-to-use simulator that runs on CPUs as well as on GPUs using the CUDA platform. It combines the speed and flexibility of C++ together with the usability of Python.

MicroMagnum has a robust and highly modular architecture. This enables its easy extension by further physical modules.


  • Andre Drews

  • Gunnar Selke

  • Benjamin Krueger

    • Accurate (and fast!) calculation of the demagnetization tensor, with support for periodic boundary conditions.
    • Oersted field module (in development)
  • Claas Abert

    • Calculation of the demagnetization field from its scalar potential.
  • Theo Gerhardt

    • Geometrical shapes for the simulation description.