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MicroPasts Crowdfunding Build Status Coverage Status Code Climate Dependency Status DOI

An open source fundraising toolkit for heritage projects

This is the archived source code repository that runs the MicroPasts Crowdfunding platform, which builds on a fork of This project is no longer active

Getting started


This software was originally created as Catarse, Brazil's first crowdfunding platform. It was first made in Portuguese then later English support added by Daniel Walmsley. focused on making all aspects of the interface in US English. There are still some patches of both languages throughout the software, but overall there is good infrastructure in place to internationalize to the language of your choice.


We hope to offer many languages in the future. So if you decide to implement in your own language, please let us know so we can include your language here.

Payment gateways

This platform uses PayPal as the payment gateway.

How to contribute

Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for information on contributing to's development.

Style Guide

Make sure you follow our style guide.

Quick Installation

To get everything working, you'll need to have these dependencies installed in your system:

Then, you can run the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd neighborly
$ ./bin/bootstrap
$ foreman start

You are now running Neighborly on http://localhost:3000 with sample configuration. If you plan to use it more than just get it running, you should change configuration (check db/seeds.rb for examples) and maybe run development seeds:

$ rails runner db/development_seeds.rb

Other Repositories consists of many separate services/gems, each with their own source code repository.

Neighborly::Api Build Status Code Climate

A Rails Engine that contains our API.

Neighborly::Admin Build Status Code Climate

A Rails Engine that deal with all the admin section for

Neighborly::Balanced Build Status Code Climate

A Rails Engine that contains the base to integrate with Balanced Payments.

Neighborly::Balanced::Creditcard Build Status Code Climate

A Rails Engine that integrate to Credit Card on Balanced Payments.

Neighborly::Balanced::Bankaccount Build Status Code Climate

A Rails Engine that integrate to Bank Account (ACH) on Balanced Payments.


Originally forked from Catarse. Adapted by devton, josemarluedke, irio, and luminopolis. Made possible by support from hundreds of code contributors, financial support from Knight Foundation and Sunlight Foundation, plus lots of love & bbq sauce in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.


Copyright (c) 2012 - 2014 Licensed as free and open source under the MIT License