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  1. forex-python

    Foreign exchange rates, Bitcoin price index and currency conversion

    Python 202 54

  2. Django-CRM

    Opensource CRM based on Django - Ready to use

    HTML 194 87

  3. django-blog-it

    django blog - complete customization and ready to use with one click installer

    Python 80 27

  4. django-mfa

    Django-mfa (Multi Factor Authentication) is a simple package to add extra layer of security to your django web application. It gives web app a randomly changing password as an extra protection.

    Python 79 27

  5. django-web-profiler

    Micropyramid develops an open source Django package which helps to optimize the performance of your Django application. Django web profiler logs request values such as device, IP address, user CPU …

    Python 48 7

  6. ratesapi

    Forex conversion exchange rates api for free

    Python 42 5