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VS Code extension to generate MicroProfile Rest Client using OpenAPITools
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kathrynkodama Add option to generate without OpenAPI specification validation (#21)
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Signed-off-by: Kathryn Kodama <>
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VS Code MicroProfile Rest Client Generator Extension

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The MicroProfile Rest Client Generator Extension provides support for generating a MicroProfile Rest Client interface template from an OpenAPI .yaml file. This extension calls the openapi-generator to generate models and apis folders. This extension is hosted under the MicroShed organization. Learn more about MicroProfile Rest Client on GitHub.

Open Liberty Tools Extension

Quick Start

  • Install the extension
  • Launch the VS Code command palette (View -> Command Palette...), then select MicroProfile: Generate a MicroProfile Rest Client to run the extension


The extension prompts for the following parameters:

  1. Path or url to a .yaml file
  2. src directory of project to generate into
  3. Package name

The extension will generate models and apis folders into the specified directory. The package name will be auto-filled based on the directory generated into.


Contributions to the MicroProfile Rest Client Generator extension are welcome!

Our CONTRIBUTING document contains details for submitting pull requests.

To build and run the extension locally:

  1. git clone

  2. cd mp-rest-client-generator-vscode-ext

  3. npm install

  4. Run the extension in VS Code by selecting Run Extension from the debug panel or by pressing F5

    Alternatively, build a .vsix file:

    • Run vsce package to generate the mp-rest-client-generator-vscode-ext-xxx.vsix file
    • Install the extension to VS Code by View/Command Palette
    • Select Extensions: Install from VSIX... and choose the generated mp-rest-client-generator-vscode-ext-xxx.vsix file


Please report bugs, issues and feature requests by creating a GitHub issue.

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