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Intellij Extension for MicroProfile Starter

This plugin allows you to easily create a microservice module based on MicroProfile APIs. You can choose your preferred MicroProfile runtime such as Liberty, Helidon, TomEE, Payara Micro, Thorntail, etc. By doing so you'll get a project with proper Maven profiles already setup so that you run it right after the setup completes.

It also allows you to choose among different MicroProfile APIs (e.g. Configuration, Metrics, Open Tracing, etc.) and then it automatically generate examples in the initial project configuration.

The extension incorporates the MicroProfile Starter REST API available at to generate the project.


Search for MicroProfile Starter in IntelliJ Settings > Plugins > Marketplace and click the Install button.


The project is built using gradle-intellij-plugin.

To build the project you must have the gradle installed on your computer. You can use sdkman to do that. First initialized the gradle wrapper using the following command so that proper version of the Gradle gets downloaded for the build process.

gradle wrapper

then you can build and executes an IntelliJ IDEA instance with the plugin installed by running the following grade task:

./gradlew runIde

Prepare a new version for release

Update version

Update the version of the plugin in build.gradle (use semantic versioning scheme):

version 'X.Y.Z'

Update the change log

The change log in the patchPluginXml block inside build.gradle should be updated with necessary details about the changes in the new version.


patchPluginXml {
    changeNotes """
        [Bug Fix] : NullPointerException in the IDE log when the description of a spec is going to be updated in the project wizard (#334)
        [New Feature] : Now developers can choose options X or Y (#223)
        [Improvements] : The process of doing Z is now faster (#112)

then by running the following gradle task to copy the contents of the changeNotes block into the plugin.xml that eventually appears as part of the description of the plugin in its IntelliJ marketplace page:

./gradlew patchPluginXml

Build a new distribution

./gradlew buildPlugin

This task prepares the final output in build/distribution folder as a zip file.

Upload to the marketplace

You can do this step either manually or via gradle.

  • Uploading manually

    You should login to Upload New Plugin page in JetBrains website using the project account and upload the new version there.

  • Upload via gradle

    • Create a Permanent Token with Marketplace scope at JetBrains Hub
    • Copy the value of the token in an environment variable named ORG_GRADLE_PROJECT_intellijPublishToken
    • Run./gradlew publishPlugin in the root of the project to publish the plugin.

Normally it takes two business days until the plugin gets approved and published to the Marketplace.


Our CONTRIBUTING document contains details for submitting pull requests.


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