Board Support Package for DAMC-TCK7
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DAMC-TCK7 Board Support Package

This is a Board Support Package in form of a Vivado project for DAMC-TCK7. It serves as a demonstration of board features and as a starting point for custom developments.

This project is maintained by MicroTCA Technology Lab at DESY.



PCIe Gen2 x4


PCIe lspci

Xilinx driver: AR# 65444

DDR3 memory



Gigabit Ethernet on AMC port 0

Gigabit Ethernet

UDP beacon

IBERT on front-panel SFPs


IBERT scan

The on-board oscillator are configured by a MicroBlaze processor upon start-up. Because the Xilinx IBERT core does not have a reset connection, it starts before the oscillators are configured, which results in QPLLs in MGTs (COMMON_X0Y2/QPLL_0 and COMMON_X0Y3/QPLL_0) not being locked.

Is is necessary to reset the QPLLs by writing 1 and then 0 to PORT.QPLLRESET in both QPLLs. Another alternative solution is to configure the FPGA for the second time; the oscillators are already stable at this point and the QPLLs will lock.

On-board clock configuration


Recreating project

This project requires Vivado version 2017.4

Vivado project

In Vivado:

  1. cd into project dir
  2. source ../scripts/recreate.tcl
  3. source ../scripts/bd.tcl
  4. source ../scripts/wrapper.tcl

To compile the project:

  1. launch_runs impl_1 -to_step write_bitstream -jobs 4
  2. Grab a coffee, this is going to take some time

Setting up software development environment

  1. Create block diagram and it's wrapper (see "Recreating project")
  2. From Vivado open SDK (File -> Launch SDK)
  3. For Exported location select <TOP>/exported_hw, for Workspace select <TOP>/sdk
  4. Xilinx SDK will open
  5. Import project: File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace
  6. Select root directory: to <TOP>/sdk
  7. Make sure that both tck7_board_controller and tck7_board_controller_bsp are selected
  8. Press Finish

Commiting changes

Block diagram

From project dir:

write_bd_tcl -include_layout -force ../scripts/bd.tcl

Update MicroBlaze init script

  1. Copy generated .elf into <TOP>/sdk/elf
  2. Add .elf to Vivado project
  3. Set parameters SCOPED_TO_CELLS to microblaze_0 and SCOPED_TO_REF to system

Project settings

If you need to update recrete.tcl, run:

write_project_tcl -use_bd_files -force ../scripts/recreate.tcl

Please be careful as there are some hand-crafted modification in recreate.tcl