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18F1320 Bootloader
18F1320 Bootloader.txt

#PIC18F1320 Bootloader Quick Start

For more C sample code, see

Once you have a bootloader set up for your PIC, you can download new .hex files in seconds. Most .hex files work with no modifications!

Do you have any improvements to share with the community? We honour 98% of GIT pull requests within a few days!

Supported Microcontrollers

  • PIC18F1320
  • Any other related microcontroller, with modification.

How to use this bootloader

PIC18F1320 bootloader. This is a port of the PIC16F87x bootloader to the PIC18F1320. Project includes Microsoft Visual C++ source for the Windows downloader, and assembly source for the PIC core. For more background documentaiton about bootloaders in general, see the PIC16F87x bootloader page.

More C Sample Code

For more sample code, see

Do you have any enhancements to share with the community? We honour 98% of pull requests within a few days!