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ATmega4809 GPIO Examples

This repository contains examples of bare metal source code for GPIO as described in Getting Started with GPIO document from Microchip. The repository contains three MPLAB X projects. Make sure you have the necessary tools:

  1. ATmega4809 device (recommended is evaluation board ATmega4809 X-plained PRO)
  2. MPLAB X or MPLAB Xpress

The following examples are inside this repository:

  1. Blink an LED
  2. Long and Short Button Press
  3. Wake Up On Button Press

This source code is compatible with the following devices: ATtiny402, ATtiny202, ATtiny1604, ATtiny804, ATtiny404, ATtiny204, ATtiny1606, ATtiny806, ATtiny406, ATtiny1607, ATtiny807, ATtiny412, ATtiny212, ATtiny1614, ATtiny814, ATtiny414, ATtiny214, ATtiny3216, ATtiny1616, ATtiny816, ATtiny416, ATtiny3217, ATtiny1617, ATtiny817, ATtiny417, ATmega4808, ATmega3208, ATmega1608, ATmega808, ATmega4809, ATmega3209, ATmega1609, ATmega809.

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