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This package contains all the files (firmware code, python scripts, java pc gui) for the WINC1500 Secure Wi-Fi Board

In this application, WINC1500 Secure Wi-Fi Board connect to AWS IoT, update the sensor, LED and button status to AWS IoT Shadow. The board is working with Alexa custom skill. User can speak to Echo dot to control the LED, GPIO of board and get the LED, buttons and sensor data.

Application firmware and boot-loader is loaded to the board for Master Conference 2018 by default. The board is provisioned to Microchip AWS IoT account and able to work with "Microchip Sensor Board" Alexa skill.
If you want to customize the firmware to connect the board to your AWS account, or work with your Alexa skill, you need to go through below steps.

Getting Started

  1. Hardware Overview
  2. Firmware Overview
  3. Software Installation
  4. AWS Setup
    1. AWS IoT
    2. Amazon Cogito
    3. Amazon Dynamodb
    4. Amazon Lambda
  5. Alexa Skill Setup
  6. AWS Provision Setup
  7. Java PC GUI Setup
  8. Run Demo
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