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Amazon Lambda

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A Lambda function need to be set up to process the directives receive from Alexa Skill.

Folder \lambda-function\alexa-smart-home-skill are the lambda function code.


  1. Go to AWS Lambda Console in AWS cloud

  2. Click on "Create Function"

  3. Select "Author from scratch" and fill in a name for the Lambda function. Select "Node.js 6.10" for "Runtime"

  4. Select a Role for the Lambda function (user can create a Role in IAM, the role need to have policy "AWSLambdaFullAccess" and "CloudWatchLogsFullAccess")

  5. After Create the Lambda function , user can upload the function code. As the fucntion code inlcude a number of files, user can upload the code as a zip file

    • Select "Upload a .ZIP file" at "Code entry type"
    • Select \lambda-function\alexa-smart-home-skill\ and upload
  6. Add triggers "Alexa Skill Kit" like below screen:

  7. Fill in the skill ID and enable the skill in skill configuration (Skill ID can be found in Alexa Skill configuration page

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