Build 2016 IoT dev lab
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Build 2016 IoT Code Labs

Module 1

This is an introduction to Windows 10 IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi 3.

Module 1 - Windows 10 IoT Core

Module 2 and Module 3

These two labs introduce Microsoft Azure IoT features, including IoT Hub. Module 2 does not require any device. Module 3 uses a Raspberry Pi 3 and a GHI FEZ HAT. Other than client hardware, the two labs cover the same material.

Module 2 - Azure IoT - No Device

Module 3 - Azure IoT - Windows 10 IoT Core with Raspberry Pi 3

Module 4

This is an open hack which runs concurrently with other labs. We have a ton of devices in the room, as well as reference material for most of them.

Module 4 - Open Hack