1.1 Feature List

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1.1 Release Features

This is our anticipated feature list for our fall 1.1 release. Although all of these are being actively developed, the release is always subject to change.

Let us know what you think!

Features GitHub Issue #
1 Actions should allow an image to be displayed in addition to the text for the title #389
2 Vertical content alignment in containers #134
3 Add support for card-level selectActions #1199
4 API to enumerate all images contained in a card #1094
5 Support relative URLS for images in UWP renderer #1244
6 Allow explicit image sizes #536
7 Support explicit column width in pixels #1026
8 Background color support for images #823
9 Media player support #196
10 Allow elements to stretch vertically to make it possible to align content to the bottom of fixed-height card #484
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