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Formally verified implementation of Alive in Lean
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# Run selected tests from Alive's test suite (which contain
# no precondition and do not require additional grammars)
# Run random tests for the specification of Z3 expression -
# concrete value, as well as 4 admitted arithmetic lemmas.
# Note that bv_equiv.zext/sext/trunc will have 'omitted' tests
# because sometimes generated expressions try to compare
# bitvectors with different bitwidths.
# Run random tests for the specification of LLVM assembly language.
# Set clang path to yours by modifying the script.


  • Specification, as well as proof, is in src/spec/.
  1. Execution of bigstep with two different value semantics (SMT expr / concrete value) has some good relations.
def encode (ss:irstate_smt) (se:irstate_exec) (η:freevar.env) :=
    irstate_equiv (η⟦ss⟧) se

def bigstep_both:= ∀ ss se (p:program) oss' ose' η
    (HENC:encode ss se η)
    (HOSS': oss' = bigstep irsem_smt ss p)
    (HOSE': ose' = bigstep irsem_exec se p),
  none_or_some oss' ose' (λ ss' se', encode ss' se' η)
-- Its proof is at equiv.lean
  1. We can generate initial state correctly.
def init_state_encode:= ∀ (freevars:list (string × ty)) (sg sg':std_gen) ise iss
    (HUNQ: list.unique $ prod.fst)
    (HIE:(ise, sg') = create_init_state_exec freevars sg)
    (HIS:iss = create_init_state_smt freevars),
  ∃ η, encode iss ise η
-- Its proof is at initialstate.lean
  1. If refinement checking function check_single_reg0 says it's true, refinement indeed holds.
def refines_single_reg_correct := ∀ (psrc ptgt:program)
    (root:string) (ss0:irstate_smt) sb
    (HSREF:some sb = check_single_reg0 irsem_smt psrc ptgt root ss0)
    (HEQ:∀ (η0:freevar.env) e, b_equiv (η0⟦sb⟧) e → e = tt),
  root_refines_smt psrc ptgt ss0 root
-- Its proof is at refinement.lean


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