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ApplicationInsights Scripts

This is a collection of scripts to support our build and release infrastructure.

.NET Releases

The Release Pipeline is a generic process that will:

  • Publish to MyGet
  • Create a request template for Test team
  • Publish to GitHub
  • Publish to NuGet

Our release pipeline is driven by variables parsed from the ReleaseMetaData.


ReleaseMetaData is an XML file of variables that will drive the release pipeline.

  • GenerateReleaseMetadata.ps1 is a generic script that will create all metadata for dotnet solutions. This will parse every nupkg (nuspec and dll) and the changelog.md to create a summary. This file should be added to your repo's bulid. The output file "releaseMetaData.xml" should be published as an artifact.

  • metadata_to_cti.ps1 will parse the metadata and create a draft email request for SDK testing.

  • metadata_to_releaseNotes.ps1 will parse the metadata and post release notes to GitHub.