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@jinglouMSFT jinglouMSFT released this Mar 6, 2019

3/5/2019 (Build 20190305.10)

Welcome to version 1.7.0 of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. Version 1.7.0 is a bug fix focused release. Additionally, for those who have been unable to sign in due to seeing a blank sign-in window, we encourage you to try a new preview feature: device code flow sign-in.


  • You can now change the owner and owning group when managing access for an ADLS Gen2 container, file, or folder.
  • On Windows, updating Storage Explorer from within the product is now an incremental install. This should result in a faster update experience. If you prefer a clean install, then you can download the installer yourself and then install manually. #1089

Preview Features

  • Device code flow sign in is now available to preview. To enable it, go to "Preview" → "Use Device Code Flow Sign-in". We encourage any users who have had issues with blank sign-in windows to try this feature, as it may prove to be a more reliable form of sign-in. #938
  • Storage Explorer integrated with AzCopy is currently available to preview. To enable it, go to "Preview" → "Use AzCopy for Improved Blob Upload and Download". Blob transfers completed with AzCopy should be faster and more performant.


  • You can now choose the blob type you want to upload as when AzCopy is enabled. #1111
  • Previously, if you had enabled static websites for an ADLS Gen2 Storage account and then attached it with name and key, Storage Explorer would not have detected that hierarchical namespace was enabled. This has been fixed. #1081
  • In the blob editor, sorting by either retention days remaining or status was broken. This has been fixed. #1106
  • After 1.5.0, Storage Explorer no longer waited for server side copies to finish before reporting success during a rename or copy & paste. This has been fixed. #976
  • When using the experimental AzCopy feature, the command copied after clicking "Copy command to clipboard" was not always runnable on its own. Now, all commands needed to run the transfer manually will be copied. #1079
  • Previously, ADLS Gen2 blobs were not accessible if you were behind a proxy. This was due to a bug in a new networking library used by the Storage SDK. In 1.7.0, an attempt to mitigate this issue has been made, but some people may continue to see issues. A full fix will be released in a future update. #1090
  • In 1.7.0, the save file dialog now correctly remembers the last location you saved a file to. #16
  • In the properties panel, the SKU tier of a Storage account was being shown as the account's kind. This has been fixed. #654
  • Sometimes, it was impossible to break the lease of a blob, even if you entered the name of the blob correctly. This has been fixed. #1070

Known Issues

  • When using RBAC, Storage Explorer requires some management layer permissions in order to access your storage resources. See the troubleshooting guide for more info.
  • Attempting to access ADLS Gen2 Blobs when behind a proxy may fail.
  • Detatching from a resource attached via SAS URI, such as a blob container, may cause an error that prevents other attachments from showing up correctly. To work around this issue, just refresh the group node. See #537 for more information.
  • If you use VS for Mac and have ever created a custom AAD configuration, you may be unable to sign-in. To work around the issue, delete the contents of ~/.IdentityService/AadConfigurations. If doing so does not unblock you, please comment on this issue.
  • Azurite has not yet fully implemented all Storage APIs. Because of this, there may be unexpected errors or behavior when using Azurite for development storage.
  • In rare cases, the tree focus may get stuck on Quick Access. To unstick the focus, you can Refresh All.
  • Uploading from your OneDrive folder does not work because of a bug in NodeJS. The bug has been fixed, but not yet integrated into Electron. To workaround this issue when uploading to or downloading from a blob container, you can use the experimental AzCopy feature.
  • When targeting Azure Stack, uploading certain files as append blobs may fail.
  • After clicking "Cancel" on a task, it may take a while for that task to cancel. This is because we are using the cancel filter workaround described here.
  • If you choose the wrong PIN/Smartcard certificate, then you will need to restart in order to have Storage Explorer forget that decision.
  • Renaming blobs (individually or inside a renamed blob container) does not preserve snapshots. All other properties and metadata for blobs, files and entities are preserved during a rename.
  • Azure Stack does not support the following features:
    • File shares
    • Access tiers
    • Soft Delete
      Attempting to use these features while working with Azure Stack resources may result in unexpected errors.
  • The Electron shell used by Storage Explorer has trouble with some GPU (graphics processing unit) hardware acceleration. If Storage Explorer is displaying a blank (empty) main window, you can try launching Storage Explorer from the command line and disabling GPU acceleration by adding the --disable-gpu switch:
    ./StorageExplorer.exe --disable-gpu
  • For Linux users, you will need to install .NET Core 2.0.
  • For users on Ubuntu 14.04, you will need to ensure GCC is up to date - this can be done by running the following commands, and then restarting your machine:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • For users on Ubuntu 17.10, you will need to install GConf - this can be done by running the following commands, and then restarting your machine:
    sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4
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