CTRL+C doesn't work in Bash in Insider build 15002 #1569

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Issue: In Windows 10 Insider build 15002, when running Bash.exe, CTRL + chords are not being correctly handled by the Windows Console.

Effect: Users will be unable to terminate Linux apps using CTRL + C, or background running tasks using CTRL + Z, etc. When CTRL + C is hit in Bash, a ‘c’ is displayed in the bash console.

Work-Around(s): Until fixed:

  1. Run Linux tools that require CTRL + C to terminate in a separate Bash console session; these individual bash consoles can then be closed when needed without disrupting your interactive bash consoles
  2. Map an alternate key to Ctrl+C. For example, to map Ctrl+K to Ctrl+C run: stty intr \^k. This mapping is per terminal and will have to be done every time bash is launched. Users can include this in their .bashrc if preferred

Scope: This issue only affects Bash sessions and does not prevent CTRL + C, etc. in other console apps or shells (i.e. Cmd or PowerShell).

For more information on this release, including the many other fixes it DOES include, be sure to read the build 15002 Release Notes.

We apologize for this annoying issue. A fix has been checked-in and will be released ASAP into an up-coming Insiders build.

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Still works like a charm under wsl-terminal https://github.com/goreliu/wsl-terminal ;-)

Warblefly commented Jan 14, 2017 edited

Thank you. It'll be great to have that fix in the system. For now, I've mapped CTRL-C to CTRL-P; which is how PR1MOS computers at my university handled 'interrupt' 35 years ago. Can't beat nostalgia.


A fellow Surrey graduate -- small world!

@benhillis Do we have a scheduled release date for this fix? Thanks!

fpqc commented Jan 14, 2017

@seancorfield No, we generally don't get notice for when the next insider build gets flighted. And the team here doesn't control it. Ask @donasarkar on twitter maybe.


I'm hoping next week's build has the fix.

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