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Update to emulator links

Dropping preview off V4 emulator and dropping link to V3 emulator.
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vishwacsena committed Oct 31, 2018
1 parent d4a60b3 commit e6b2eacdf2366d10c0fe58e58bf12c77ddae2579
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@@ -10,8 +10,7 @@ Bot Builder provides the most comprehensive experience for building conversation
- [**Java** (preview release)](
- [**Python** (preview release)](
- **Bot Framework Emulator** (local debugging and visualization of conversations)
- [Bot Framework **V4 Emulator** (preview release)](
- [Bot Frameowrk **V3 Emulator** (stable release)](
- [Bot Framework **V4 Emulator**](
- **Bot Builder CLI tools** (streamlined development, provisioning, and deployment)
- [MSBot CLI](
- [AZ Bot CLI](

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