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justinwilaby committed Sep 25, 2018
1 parent b07a29d commit df75e5ad6f3287a5c58fe6807e30eeac1d2fb9e4
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  2. +1 −1 packages/emulator/core/package.json
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
"scripts": {
"bootstrap": "lerna bootstrap --hoist",
"build": "npm rebuild node-sass && lerna run --scope \"@bfemulator/@(**shared|sdk**)\" build && lerna run --ignore \"@bfemulator/@(**shared|sdk**)\" build",
"build": "npm rebuild node-sass && lerna run build",
"start": "cd packages\\app\\client && npm run start",
"test": "jest --no-cache",
"test:coveralls": "jest --runInBand --bail --coverage --coverageReporters=text-lcov | coveralls"
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"main": "lib/index.js",
"types": "lib/index.d.ts",
"scripts": {
"builds": "babel ./src --out-dir lib --extensions \".ts,.tsx\"",
"build": "babel ./src --out-dir lib --extensions \".ts,.tsx\"",
"build:watch": "npm run build:prod --outdir lib --watch",
"build:babel": "concurrently --names \"babel,typecheck\" \"babel --extensions .js,.ts --ignore **/*.spec.js,**/*.spec.ts,**/*.test.js/,**/*.test.ts/,__test__/**/*.js,__test__/**/*.ts --out-dir lib --source-maps inline --verbose src\" \"tsc\"",
"build:babel:watch": "concurrently --kill-others --names \"babel,typecheck\" \"babel --extensions .js,.ts --ignore **/*.spec.js,**/*.spec.ts,**/*.test.js/,**/*.test.ts/,__test__/**/*.js,__test__/**/*.ts --out-dir lib --source-maps inline --verbose src --watch\" \"tsc --preserveWatchOutput --watch\"",

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