Submitting Bugs & Suggestions

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The Bot Framework Emulator project tracks issues and feature requests using GitHub issue tracker.

Before Submitting an Issue

First, please do a search in open issues to see if the issue or feature request has already been filed. If there is an existing issue, add your comments to that issue.

If your issue is a question consider asking it on Stack Overflow using the tag botframework.

Writing Great Issues and Suggestions

  • Provide reproducible steps, what the result of the steps was, and what you would have expected to happen.
  • Always file a single bug or feature request per issue. Do not list multiple bugs or requests in the same issue.
  • Do not add your issue as a comment to an existing issue unless it's for the identical input. Many issues look similar, but have different causes.
  • Include a screenshot or animated GIF.

Don't feel bad if we can't reproduce the issue and ask you for more information!

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