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BuildCast Video Player UWP Sample

BuildCast is an end-to-end sample built to showcase the Microsoft Fluent Design System as well as other capabilities of the Universal Windows Platform. It permits browsing, downloading and playback of select video podcasts including a sampling of the most popular ones from Channel 9 as well as some popular Windows tech enthusiast feeds. It has other features such as ink notes, bookmarks and remote playback. This sample was initially shown and discussed at the 2017 Build conference during the Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design talk.


At a high level this sample demonstrates usage of:

  • Fluent design system (Acrylic material, Reveal highlight, Connected animations, ParallaxView, an Adobe XD UX Prototype etc)
  • XAML controls and features (NavigationView, swipe commanding, context menu with icons and SVG assets, LoadedImageService, conditional XAML etc)
  • Media playback including picture-in-picture and fullscreen views
  • Inking and smart ink
  • Project Rome and AppServices
  • Background download service, Entity Framework and SQLite
  • Windows composition APIs (InteractionTracker, implicit animations, scene lighting)
  • Notifications with progress bar
  • Share contract

Run the sample

Prepare your environment

This sample requires Visual Studio 2017 with Update 5 and the Windows 10 Software Development Kit (SDK) version 16299, Windows 10 OS - Fall Creators Update.

Additionally, to receive the latest updates to Windows and the development tools, and to help shape their development, join the Windows Insider Program.


After opening the Visual Studio solution, set your startup project as BuildCast, the architecture to AMD64 or x86, and press F5 to run.

Code at a glance

The table below shows the platform features used in the application and where abouts to find them in the sample.

Release Notes Update 1 October 2017

  • Add the Adobe XD UX prototype file
  • Add back Spectrum Analyzer visualization to now playing
  • On startup, app will check for cached media changes at filesystem level and update database state to match this
  • Improved commanding on favorites, downloads, notes
  • Design tweaks
  • Known issues where there will be code changes have all been moved to issues on github
  • Bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Download progress reported via toasts / action center will not update when the app quits, even though the download will proceed using background transfer service. This is due to a known platform gap
  • Deploying / running BuildCast on a XBOX will result in the app crashing due to a platform bug that is being investigated. More details here.
  • A number of warnings have not been addressed
  • Things that didn't make it from the Build talk:
    • TreeView control: did not ship in the final Fall Creator's update
    • 360 video playback: this will come in a future update to the app

App details


Framework Usage Code file
Entity framework ORM to store objects in SQLite LocalStorageContext.cs
SQLite in UWP Primary mechanism for persistence N/A
.NET Standard 2.0 Provides System.Tuple NowPlayingState.cs

App features

App feature Description Code file
Adobe XD UX Prototype Acrylic material image BuildCast.xd
Acrylic material Acrylic material usage
Acrylic material image
Reveal highlight Reveal highlight usage
Reveal highlight image
NavigationView NavigationView usage
NavigationView image
Connected animations Used in connected transitions between pages FeedDetails.xaml.cs
Inking Ink annotation on video frame
Ink annotation image
Smart Ink Recognize and convert images to glyphs and emoji
Ink recognition image
2nd ink recognition image
Emoji picker Select emoji
Emoji picker image
Context menus with icons Context menus with icons
Context menus image
Swipe commanding Swipe controls on lists
swipe image
Mnemonics/Access Keys Mnemonics usage
Mnenomics image
Command bar Command bar usage
Command bar image
Coordinated animations Used in connected transitions between pages FeedDetails.xaml.cs
Conditional XAML NavigationView loads based on OS version support NavigationRoot.xaml
SVG BuildCast logo on homepage Home.xaml
Adaptive state triggers UI optimizations for assorted screen sizes
Adaptive layout image
ParallaxView Home screen parallax layout
ParallaxView image
Lighting Buffering animation BufferingVisualManager.cs
Interaction tracker Interaction tracker
Interaction tracker image
Layout animations Layout animations Home.xaml.cs
LoadedImageSurface Composition Surface for Images CustomMediaPlayer.xaml.cs
Composition expression language Timeline animations Timeline.cs
Implicit animations Poster frame fade out when video starts playing VisualHelpers.cs
Compact overlay mode Picture-in-picture support
Virtual surfaces image
Spectrum Analyzer Realtime visualization of audio spectra for currently playing clip
Full screen mode image
Full screen mode Full screen mode for video
Full screen mode image
Share contract Share the annotated frame
Share contract image
Background transfer service Video download for offline viewing BackgroundDownloadHelper.cs
BTS toast completion notifications Toast display upon background download completion
Background completion image
Toast progress bars Visual download progress indicator
Toast progress image
App services Support Rome based remote control RemotePlayService.cs
Media Composition API Extract frame for Ink annotations from local file PlayerService.cs
Template studio Theming, settings model
Settings image


While we expect to at a later date, this project is not currently accepting contributions. For now, if you have any feedback or questions, please open an Issue on GitHub for the team.

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments

Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This program/project is and its use is subject to the MIT License


Example UWP Media Application to show best practices




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