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SolalPirelli and benpye Fixes for clang6 on Windows
* Update build.bat to match build.sh

* Add heuristic for typedefs-in-system-headers detection, fixes size_t issue

* Force newlines to be Unix (to avoid crazy git diffs)

* Update the generated file

* Make VFO test OS-agnostic

* Fix string marshalling since clang uses utf-8; add regression tests.

* Add editorconfig, set newlines/charset everywhere, add .vs to gitignore

* Don't print extra white space at the end of struct fields

* Use dotnet msbuild to build ClangSharp instead of platform-specific scripts

* Force ints for enums if possible, for cross-plat

* Fix interpretation of typedefs, for cross-plat
Latest commit a878bb4 Jul 4, 2018