Windows (.Net) SDK for the Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service API, part of Congitive Services
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This SDK is being deprecated and is no longer maintained. Please go here for the latest .NET SDK.


LUIS is a service for language understanding that provides intent classification and entity extraction. In order to use the SDK you first need to create and publish an app on where you will get your Application Id and Subscription Key.

The solution contains the SDK and a sample application that allows you to enter your appId and appKey, and to perform the two actions "predict" and "reply".

Cloning The Repo

Please note that the repo depends on a submodule, so in order to clone it you'll have to attach --recursive option to the clone command: git clone --recursive


All Microsoft Cognitive Services SDKs and samples are licensed with the MIT License. For more details, see LICENSE.

Developer Code of Conduct

Developers using Cognitive Services, including this client library & sample, are required to follow the “Developer Code of Conduct for Microsoft Cognitive Services”.