This is a collection of Cortana Skills Kit code samples from the Microsoft Build 2017 conference.
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Cortana Skills Samples - Build 2017

This project contains a collection of Cortana Skills Kit code samples from the Microsoft Build 2017 conference.


Session Id Title Recording
B8029 Cortana advanced language and voice skill design Video
B8030 Cortana skills development: Get started Video
B8031 Create Cortana Skills for your Customers and Partners Video
P4063 Authentication in Cortana Skills Video
T6046 Leveraging Cortana user knowledge to personalize your Cortana skill Video
T6972 Advanced LUIS models enabling rich query support in bots and Cortana skills Video
T6974 Advanced architecture and development practices when engineering Cortana skills for multiple device types Video

Related Sessions

Here are some additional sessions from the Microsoft Build 2017 conference that are related to creating Cortana skills.

Session Id Title Recording
B8010 Bot capabilities, patterns and principles Video
B8903 Open Q&A: Artificial intelligence tools for developers Video
P4070 Managing bot dialogs in Node.JS Video
P4074 Using QnA Maker to quickly create a FAQ bot Video
P4075 How to implement a bot to human handoff Video
P4114 Bot conversations for apps Video
P4160 Bot Analytics Dashboard Video

Developer Resources

Platform Resources
Cortana Skills Kit Developer Dashboard
Developer Forums (MSDN)
Stack Overflow forums (cortana-skills-kit)
Bot Framework Developer Portal
BotBuilder SDK
BotBuilder SDK Samples
Stack Overflow Forums (botframework) Developer Forums Developer Portal
Developer Forums (MSDN)
Stack Overflow Forums (luis) UserVoice
Microsoft Cognitive Services Developer Site
Developer Forums


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