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DirectX Logo DirectXMesh, a shared source library for performing various geometry content processing operations including generating normals and tangent frames, triangle adjacency computations, and vertex cache optimization.

See this blog post for an overview

DirectXMesh library

Meshconvert utility

Geometry formats



DirectXMesh was formerly hosted on CodePlex.

Porting from D3DX

See this post for a complete listing of D3DX equivalents.


The DirectXMesh library is the work of Chuck Walbourn, with contributions from Dr. Hugues Hoppe, Alex Nankervis, James Stanard, Craig Peeper, and the numerous other Microsoft engineers who developed the D3DX utility library over the years.

Thanks to Adrian Stone (Game Angst) for the public domain implementation of Tom Forsyth's linear-speed vertex cache optimization, and thanks to Tom Forsyth for his contribution.

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