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Merged PR 1238: Update before release

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kernhanda committed Apr 27, 2019
1 parent 14c7e0d commit ebafc3cb3d81158d17892c2d4a1903ce425fccbe
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## 2.4.1*
- Improvements to audio python library and updates to audio training tutorial
## 2.5.0
- Improve audio python library and update audio training tutorial
- Add support for non-unrolled loops in the Value library
- Add new methods to Python API to support FastGRNN models
- Add easy node-creation functions
- Fix bugs in ReinterpretLayoutNode
- Fix importing of DenseNet models
- Improvements to FFT and MelFilterBank nodes so that non-power of 2 sized input buffers can be processed.
- Improve FFT and MelFilterBank nodes so that non-power of 2 sized input buffers can be processed
- Fix darknet importer
- Add shuffling of test and validation sets to audio train_classifier
- Update OpenBLASSetup.cmake so it can find a locally built version of OpenBLAS
- Fix compiling for cortex-m4 targets
- Add a link back to the original model file name in our emitted header file
- Clean up Python API, removing "TensorShape" specific API in favor of the more general PortMemoryLayout
- Fix bug in Microphone and WavReader classes so they properly handle auto-resampling of audio with multiple channels
- Add an -auto_scale option to audio scripts to control whether audio is scaled or not before featurization
- Add ability to mix noise with audio during make_dataset process
- Add support for shuffling and cleaning the audio training list
- Add many new options to audio train_classifier, including ability to control learning rate schedulers
- Fix link error when building on a Mac
- Fix exception in DetectLowPrecisionConvolutionTransformation when running Compile in Debug mode

## 2.4.0
## 2.4.0
- Initial release of the finetune utility
- Remove stale references to VS 2015
- Add logging of build tool options
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- Fix importing of depthwise separable models
- Fix "Repurposing a pretrained image classifier" tutorial

## v2.3.6
## v2.3.6
- Initial version of the ONNX importer
- Tools now have a -v/--verbose option that will control the output of additional helpful logging - data
- Demo helper script has been modified to print labels to STDOUT instead of drawing on the image. - This is useful for some training sets like CIFAR
- Couple of new options for
- Couple of new options for
- --convolution_method: this lets you specify the convolution method (it just passes the value on to the compile executable)
- --llvm-format gets a new option: obj. This, along with --no-llc-tool and --no-opt-tool let you skip the time-consuming llc and opt steps. To retain compatibility with compile, the object file suffix is now .o.

## v2.3.5
## v2.3.5
- Fixed typos in some tutorials (thanks @lisaong )
- Added support for emitting relocatable object code
- Added Travis-CI support (thanks @lisaong )
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- can now be run from anywhere
- Various bug fixes (#161, #157, #149)

## v2.3.4
## v2.3.4
- Fix importing CNTK models with a Softmax layer
- Add a Reset function to LSTM and GRU models to clear the state

## v2.3.3
## v2.3.3
- Fixes issue #140
- Helps issue #138 by fixing importing of Darknet models with Fully Connected layers
- Simplified and improved LLVM IR optimization in emitted code
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- Fix running without any command line args
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

## v2.3.2
## v2.3.2
- Fix issue #137
- Added resnet models to gallery
- Add support for naive depthwise separable convolution layers

## v2.3.1
## v2.3.1
- Added more fine grained profiling support for emitted code
- Make find_package for LLVM more resilient to finding the version that ELL needs
- Updated Setting up your Raspberry Pi device for tutorials to move to Raspbian Stretch
- Updated links to YOLOv2 configuration and weights in Getting started with object detection using - region of interest networks
- Added better support for importing models from older versions of CNTK

## v2.3.0
- New tutorials available:
## v2.3.0
- New tutorials available:
- Getting started with object detection using region of interest networks
- Getting started with audio keyword classification on the Raspberry Pi
- Updated importer to handle the importing of resnet models
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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