Uses the Azure Management REST API to pull usage metrics for an Event Hub and persist them to a CSV.
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Uses the Azure Management REST API to pull usage metrics for an event hub. Could be altered to pull metrics for other types of resources.

To use, replace the following values in the config file:

  1. "SubscriptionId" - the ID of the subscription to use
  2. "CertificateThumbprint" - the thumbprint of the certificate to use (must be previously created and uploaded to Azure)
  3. "ServiceBusNamespace" - the namespace of the Service Bus the Event Hub resides in
  4. "EventHubName" - the name of the Event Hub
  5. "MetricsToWatch" - pipe delimited list of the metrics to watch. The list of available metrics can be found by running the application with the getmetrics command line argument
  6. "RollupPeriod" - the rollup period to use. One of the following: PT5M, PT1H, P1D, P7D. See app.config for definitions
  7. "HowFarToLookBackInMinutes" - how far back in time to look when requesting metric data

The command line program can be run in two modes:


EventHubData showavail|getmetrics
showavail -  show all metrics available for the event hub in the config
getmetrics - get metric values for metrics indicated in the config and also save to a CSV

When getting metrics, the application will pause the appropriate amount of time based on the rollup period. For example if the rollup period is set to PT5M then the application will pause for 5 minutes before it tries to retrieve new metric values.

Only the most recent metric values retrieved will be displayed and saved in a file in the local directory with the name EventHubMetrics_[CURRENT_DATE].csv

This project is referenced in the blog post Using the Azure REST APIs to Retrieve Event Hub Metrics

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.