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DirectX Logo Effects for Direct3D 11 (FX11) is a management runtime for authoring HLSL shaders, render state, and runtime variables together in C++.

See this blog post for an overview.

Effects 11 library




Effects 11 is being provided as a porting aid for older code that makes use of the Effects 10 (FX10) API or Effects 9 (FX9) API in the deprecated D3DX9 library. See MSDN for a list of differences compared to the Effects 10 (FX10) library.

  • The Effects 11 library is for use in Win32 desktop applications. FX11 requires the D3DCompiler API be available at runtime to provide shader reflection functionality, and this API is not deployable for Windows Store apps on Windows 8.0, Windows RT, or Windows phone 8.0.

  • The fx_5_0 profile support in the HLSL compiler is deprecated, and does not fully support DirectX 11.1 HLSL features such as minimum precision types. It is supported in the Windows 8.x/Windows 10 SDK version of the HLSL compiler (FXC.EXE) and D3DCompile API (#46). It generates a deprecation warning with D3DCompile API (#47). It is not supported by the Shader Model 6 (DXC.EXE) or later DXIL compiler.


FX11 was formerly hosted on CodePlex.


FX11 is also available on NuGet

Porting from D3DX

See this post for a complete listing of D3DX equivalents.


The Effects library for Direct3D 9 (FX9) was the work of Loren McQuade with contributions from Relja Markovic.

The Effects library for Direct3D 10 (FX10) was the work of John Rapp and Kutta Srinivasan as a rewrite of the FX9 library with contributions from Anuj Gosalia, Kev Gee, Sam Glassenberg, Relja Markovic, and Ian McIntyre.

The Effects library for Direct3D 11 (FX11) is the work of Ian McIntyre based on FX10 with contributions from Michael Oneppo and Chuck Walbourn.

For Use

  • Windows desktop apps
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1

For Development

  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio 2015

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